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Reasons to Hire a Marketing Consultant

Business is competitive and with more and more businesses moving online, the competition is only going to increase. Whichever sector you are in there is always the challenge of finding new customers/clients and retaining those customers/clients that you have on the books. You do this through different types of marketing, depending on which sector you're in, potentially a lot of marketing. Marketing costs time and money to be effective. It can be easy to waste money with average, mistargeted or inefficient marketing. As a business owner or manager, you may be doing the marketing yourself, this takes time, time that you could better invest in improving the business or well, just focusing on the day job.

Zeeshan Mallick
Zeeshan Mallick | Marketing Consultant

Some business owners do get it right and that is great! However, what if you could be doing your marketing better? You probably haven’t got the time to invest in delivering the type of marketing that your business needs.

Marketing is constantly evolving. Mainly due to technology constantly developing and new opportunities keep coming up which means targeting your customers efficiently is always changing.

Chances are, your business has a website. Your site is probably the focal point in your marketing strategy, your target market will find you because of it, they’ll be able to research your products and services, they’ll be able to communicate and potentially purchase through it. But the online world is constantly changing, what happens when your website becomes unfit to perform its old role? How do you know when your website is no longer performing? This is a simple example of one of the areas a marketing consultant can help you decide on your next move for your site, does it need to be refreshed, removed from the equation and something else is now needed?

A good marketing consultant shouldn't just be looking at your website, what they should be doing is providing key insight into your marketing, ensuring you are following best practices, keeping you up-to-date with the latest techniques and strategies, helping you understand how to make your marketing work harder for you and getting you a better ROI. Below I have listed some of the reasons why you should think about hiring a marketing consultant.

Marketing Consultants are marketing professionals

Marketing consultants do marketing for a living, it’s their day job. They live and breathe marketing, advertising and digital marketing and have in-depth knowledge and experience to know what does and doesn’t work, preventing costly mistakes. A marketing consultant will be able to provide advice and insight based on working knowledge of that particular stream of work preventing errors, wasting time and opportunities. They have ‘been there’, ‘seen that’ and ‘done that’ which means they will be able to direct and manage your existing marketing efforts to be even more profitable. Marketing consultants will do the thinking for you, the planning for you, develop effective strategies for you being a shortcut to success for your business

man in suit
Marketing Consultants are professionals

Consultants save you time

A good consultant is highly experienced which means that they can complete marketing tasks much more quickly than you or someone in your team that is learning on the job. They know how to research or plan quickly, they are much more efficient with their time, they understand marketing best practices and will deliver results faster. Delegating your marketing to a consultant or expert gives you the freedom to focus on what is most important, running your business! By putting the responsibility or marketing onto someone else you’ll have time to greater focus on the operations of the business, keep up-to-date with business admin or spend more time with your customers.

They are well connected

Marketing consultants have a network of specialists that will be able to make short work of any requirements that you may have. This mean, you will benefit from their network too. Everything from SEO specialists to graphic designers to media buyers and content developers, your marketing consultant will have an entire team of individuals and businesses that have experience of doing the work faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively. One of the biggest benefits you will receive is not having to spend time and money on individual requirements to activate your marketing strategy. No RFPs, no additional quotes and process to work on, you can rely on you marketing consultants network to move faster and achieve more.

Consultants increase marketing effectiveness

As a business, you're probably already spending money on some form of marketing.

  1. Do you know what is working, how well and why?

  2. Could it be improved, what isn't working?

A marketing consultant will be able to assess what is and isn’t working for you. Provide insight on how to improve it to drive a higher return on your investment. A marketing consultant will be able to tell you where to invest more and where to stop or reduce spending.

Even though a marketing consultant seems expensive to hire, they will be able to drive efficiencies and optimise activity to provide you with a greater return on your marketing investments and help you cover the cost of hiring them in the first place.

Grow your business with a marketing consultant with over 20 years of experience

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