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Can You Run Ads For Crypto Companies?

Paid crypto advertising? In a word, yes!

If you’re in the world of crypto, then how can you advertise it to your target market? Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok and Google have either banned paid crypto adverting on their networks or have very complicated requirements that you would need to fulfil before you can apply to run ads.

Crypto Marketing

So what do you do to promote your crypto business? You have the organic methods of social media postings, network marketing, above-the-line, word of mouth and content syndication, however, what if you could still advertise your crypto business using targeted messages to individuals that match your consumer/client profile?

YouYaa Crypto Marketing

YouYaa is a specialist finance marketing agency that has offices in London, New York and Dubai. YouYaa provides a unique crypto marketing service that includes their Programmatic Advertising platform which is backed by a team of legal advisors who have to approve all ads that run on the YouYaa network.

The YouYaa Programmatic Advertising network captures over 2 billion impressions per day allowing you to target millions of users that are interested in crypto, NFTs, Web3, Blockchain projects, crypto business, investment opportunities and basically anything else that you wish. Layer on top the ability to target geographically, by device, age, gender and interest with a real-time-bidding model for advertising space across the online world and you have an extremely powerful crypto advertising platform.

Grow your Crypto Business with Crypto Ads

Book a free consultation with YouYaa to see if Programmatic Ads are right for your crypto business.

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